Ultra Powerful Serum – Hormonal Treatment
Suitable for mature and sagging skin. Ideal for wrinkles skin.

A stunningly effective homecare treatment based on the power of natural, active ingredients 50% plant extracts (horsetail, sage, aloes, ginseng, iris and bilberry); all extremely nourishing, remineralising and revitalising for the skin.

Aroma-Lift Anti-Ageing Moisturizer

Extreme Treatment, Hormonal Cure
Suitable for mature, sagging, pre-menopause and menopause skin.

Aroma Lift Extreme Anti-Age Cream is a ‘new generation cream’ particularly beneficial for the more mature women struggling with the adverse effects of hormonal imbalance in the skin. It lifts and reshapes whilst smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It maintains optimum moisture levels within the skin, rapidly restoring firmness, elasticity and radiance.

Creme Restructurante Moisturiser

Suitable for sensitive, fragile, aging, bad micro-circulation and unhealthy skin.
This rich cream restores the skin’s suppleness and improves circulation. It also reduces its sensitivity, restructures the collagen and elastic fibers and preserves the capillary network. Rich in herbal extracts, which encourage new cell growth.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Suitable for mature skin above 30 years old. (Thick skin)
This cream gives the necessary nutrition and energy to ensure the living function of skin. Rich in proteins and active elements, it helps to stimulate skin cells and combat lines and wrinkles. Its supple and light substance protects the skin and restores elasticity and collagen fibers.

Fulgurance Cream Moisturiser

Suitable for mature skin above 30 years old. (Thin skin)
The skin’s elasticity, firmness and tone are improved. The beneficial effects of colostrums help the skin maintain its rate of hydration while leaving it smooth to the touch.

Botanical Cream Moisturizer

Suitable for all skin types
Soin Botanique Age Control Day Cream is a daily skin protection which helps to strengthen the skin’s natural defense and maintains its youthful appearance.

Firming Essencial Essential Oil

Suitable for mature, sagging skin and menopause pigmentation skin.
Spurs cellular regeneration. Helps firm the skin by restoring elasticity and tone. Prevention action against cutaneous ageing giving the skin improved resistance.

Lifting Serum

Suitable for mature and sagging skin. Ideal for fine lines skin.
The plant bio-stimulating work together with remarkable results. Ginseng lift, firm up and regenerates the skin while erasing tiny character lines. The skin’s elasticity, firmness and tone are improved.

Phyto Hydrating Mask

Suitable for dehydrated skin, dry, sensitive, rough and dull skin.
A beige color creamy mask. Bioglea extract increases skin moisturizing. Relaxing and soothing with petit grain essence. Smoothes epidermis due to jojoba oil. Particularly advisable for dehydrated, dry and sensitive skins. Use regularly after sun exposure will help to prevent thick split skin and sensitive situation arise.

Whitening Essence Serum

Suitable for all skin types.
The Whitening Essence contains the highest concentration of 47% active ingredients, to regulate and to minimize the appearance of pigmentation spots. This intensive essence restores the glow of the skin by making it more luminous and transparent. The texture of the skin becomes smoother and more refined.

Whitening Cream Moisturizer

Suitable for all skin types.
The whitening cream highly concentrated with an exclusive botanical complex helps to lighten & restore a perfect radiant complexion. It covers and targets the causes of brown spots. UVA & UVB filters protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. The skin becomes hydrated, smoother & brighter.

Whitening Mask

Suitable for all skin types. Yes, the Australian women love this mask!
A cream mask formulated with the innovative whitening ingredient to help inhibition of melanin. Hydrates, regulates and strengthen skin’s moisturizing level. Regular use of the mask will help the skin develop on instantly clearer complexion. It will also give an even appearance to your make up, lightening of pigmentation marks.