Permanent Make Up

“Natural beauty is a gift. Every woman wants to be beautiful. This privilege of nature is now within your reach. My response is to offer you Permanent Makeup which bring you the reassurance, well-being and joy of feeling naturally beautiful.”


Permanent Makeup

  • There are many reasons why women choose permanent or semi-permanent makeup …
  • The time saved by not having to apply makeup perfectly everyday.
  • The advantage of not smearing or coming off
  • Allergic reactions to cosmetics
  • Lifetime or temporary

Long Lasting Permanent and Semi-Permanent Make-up

Through international conferences Carole Franck of Paris has discovered a method of semi-permanent make-up for the eyebrows and for reconstructing the lips, using the technique of artists of ancient China, which has been adapted to guide modern tastes and the complexion of European women.

This method, applied exclusively of Carole Franck beauty specialists, can be used to correct the shape and color of certain features, in particular the eyebrows, eye liner and lips.

These make-up techniques are recommended:

  • correct the end of the eyebrow
  •  thicken the eyebrow line
  •  make a complete trace of the eyebrows
  •  make a complete trace of the eyeliner
  •  make a complete trace of the lip line
  •  cover red spots
  •  make a beauty mark

The difference between Semi-Permanent make-up and Permanent make-up is that Permanent Make-up is permanent. Although we offer both Permanent and Semi Permanent Make-up, Semi-permanent is recommended, because with the Semi-permanent you can change the style every three to four years, with the fashion looks always changing your tattoo will never be permanent.

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